After people enter the elderly generally begin to be affected by the physical condition that is multiple pathological (multiple pathologies), such as reduced energy, decreased energy, the skin getting wrinkled, teeth fall out, bones more fragile, In general, the physical condition of a person who has entered the age of the elderly has decreased multiple times. This can all cause a disruption or abnormality of physical, psychological and social functions, which may further lead to a state of dependence on others. In the elderly living in order to maintain a healthy physical condition, it is necessary to harmonize the physical needs with psychological and social conditions, so inevitably there must be an effort to reduce the activities that are the physical memoir. An elderly should be able to manage his way of life well, such as eating, sleeping, rest and work in balance. In this case, it is important for you to know the Ayahuasca retreat. Its function is nothing but to overcome the problem of psychology, especially on those who are already in old age with methods such as meditation or walk with nature.

In general, after people enter the elderly then he has decreased cognitive and psychomotor function. Cognitive functions include learning, perception, understanding, understanding, attention, and others, causing the reaction and behavior of the elderly to become slower. While psychomotor (conative) functions include things related to the will of the will, such as movement, action, coordination, which results in the elderly being less nimble. In general, this change begins when retirement. Although the ideal goal of retirement is for the elderly to enjoy old age or old age, in reality, it is often interpreted otherwise since retirement is often defined as loss of income, position, position, role, activity, status and self-esteem. The reaction after the person entering retirement is more dependent than the personality model as described in point three above. How to get around retirement so as not to become a mental burden after the elderly? The answer depends on the mental attitude of the individual in the face of retirement. That’s why Ayahuasca retreat is present for those of you who have a desire to improve your life.