Many applicants from the site who are unsure whether to include a hobby in the curriculum vitae that is sent to the company. Some say that usually the hobby column will be asked by the company when you fill out the application directly at the place you apply for work. However, the page mentions at least three conditions for incorporating a hobby into a CV, ie the hobby is relevant to the job you are applying for, the company wants you to expose the hobby, and the hobby shows the skills you have, if the hobby should be listed in the list Curriculum vitae, here are examples of some hobbies that you can describe,

Wall climbing is a hobby that demonstrates the ability to make decisions quickly, the ability to solve problems and interpersonal skills are qualified. An activity that triggers this adrenaline hormone will tell you about your personality so it is suitable for people who are pursuing a job that requires decision-making ability and great leadership skills. Being a blogger (blogger) requires the ability to read and write with care. In fact, often the ability to choose a good photo is also honed because of the blog. Many jobs require reading and writing skills. However, it should be avoided what kind of blogs you should write. Blogs containing personal outpourings should not be included in the resume.