Sex drive often changes as a reaction to external pressures such as stress. In addition, libido may decrease in some medical conditions and the effects of drugs. In the body of both men and women, found the hormone “testosterone” in which levels in men much higher. Women also have other hormones estrogen and progesterone in high numbers. It is known that testosterone affects emotions such as aggressiveness and increased sexual arousal. Young men have a strong sex drive due to high levels of testosterone during puberty. This hormone does show many differences between men and women, but the main thing that this hormone can cause sexual disorders. Many couples can reduce this disorder by discussing with their partners. Disturbance can arise when one partner tells his / her spouse to act like what they witnessed in the form of erotic activity on television or magazine. Yet what they see on television is an engineering and not a real condition. Such speech can be perceived as something that undermines the other’s self-esteem. If the problem is in erectile dysfunction, you do not need to panic because you can use the Trimix Shots for sale.

Apparently, “emotion” plays an important role in human sexual life. Many couples experience severe conditions that cause stress and result in decreased libido. Job stress, financial difficulties, severely ill families, marital problems and others that cause sexual excitement drop drastically. It is very difficult to feel pleasure making love when you are worried about the bills to be paid. Men and women also have different ways of dealing with stress. Women will immediately experience a decrease in sex drive when experiencing stress, while most men actually do the sexual activity as an effort to reduce stress. Mutual understanding between couples is necessary to deal with this critical problem. The best solution is to sit together and discuss what improves their sexual lives. Here are some efforts that can be done. Vacation together can help revive a faded sense of love. Couples may not believe that a wonderful holiday will be able to improve the relationship of husband and wife, whether it be done in a short time or length. Relaxed atmosphere allows the love can be nourished back and restore the pleasant atmosphere that had previously vanished. Do something fun and full of fun that had previously vanished. Do something fun and full of romantic atmosphere during the holidays. Be as good as you were in your teens.