Before further discussed, it will be explained in advance about what is meant by reports and complaints (complaints). A report is a notification submitted by a person due to a right or obligation under the law to an authorized official regarding whether or has been or is suspected of a criminal incident. That is, one can either report something either or his or her own will or on the obligations imposed on him by the Act. Whereas Complaint is a notification accompanied by a request by an interested party to an authorized official to crack down under the law of a person who has committed a criminal complaint that harms him/her. This understanding shows us that if a person feels harmed by his / her legal rights, then he/she can denounce such behavior with the desire to obtain justice or lawsuit. In practice, however, the reporting term is more commonly used, because the status of a person who submits a report or complaint is more often called a Reporting Entity. It is important for those of you who are involved in legal cases with VRX or have difficulty in making a claim on your rights should be prepared with your own lawyer, such as Valeant Lawsuit.

Not everyone knows that it turns out where we will report a case to the Police to have an impact on the increase in operating costs for Advocates / Lawyers. But usually, there is an impression, that the higher the reporting and complaints are made, the more expensive it will be. You should monitor in detail the level of communication between your Advocate / Lawyer and the Law Enforcement apparatus, especially Police and Attorney and Courts. Because it involves what steps will be taken based on the latest progress report from your Advocate / Attorney. If you have legal status as a Reported Party or Defendant / Suspect, it is expected that an Advocate / Lawyer as your Legal Counsel plays an active role in defending his client’s Legal Rights. Thus, through intense communication between Advocates / Lawyers, it will create an opportunity or opportunity for the appearance of deviant behavior between the two. Although such deviant behavior may sometimes benefit you, it is important to remember that any deviant behavior will also lead to other negative excesses.