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Executive condominiums Offer a Variety of Facilities

Executive condominiums have so many benefits. These luxurious buildings offer many different facilities. A luxury Executive condominium has its own class, prestige, and appeal. Read more now on Altura EC price.


Parking is one of several amenities Executive condos offers to its unit holders. They can be designed in a variety of ways. It can either be underground, or have multiple storeys. Underground parking is always a better choice. Parking in a nearby area will allow you to be close to where you live and shelter will provide you with a safe place to stay until you are able to reach your accommodation. The multi-storey park is slower, as it requires you to make a roundabout journey if your arrival is late.

Other Facilities

There are many services available in Executive condominiums. It is great to be able to use the amenities whenever needed, even if they are all communal. An Executive condominium usually comes equipped with a pool. A large pool often has sun-loungers where guests can socialize and soak up some sunshine.

To promote health, the majority of builders include gyms in their developments. These gyms are usually well-equipped, so residents have no problem using them.

Also, BBQ pits can greatly enhance your interaction with the people around you. The residents will also have their own parking place, which eliminates the scramble for limited parking. Executive condominiums residents can enjoy this convenience.

Other amazing facilities include security. It is important to note that a team of security personnel are always on call around the clock in order to safeguard residents against unwanted people. The majority of Executive Condominiums impose maintenance charges on a regular basis. It is typically charged on a month-to-month basis. This is a worthwhile investment.

Purchase Order

It is an option contract when you are the owner and have the choice to either sell or purchase an asset. You have the option of purchasing the Executive Condominium in question. These are set to a tiny percentage of the purchase price. It’s not possible to transfer the right. A person cannot sell an open-market option. The contract is sent via mail. Within 3 weeks you decide whether you would like to exercise it or not.