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Why is a Draftsman required for Residential and Commercial Construction?

Draftsmen are trained professionals who create technical drawings. Drafting is used in construction to refer to the process of designing a structure or building. Read more now on architectural draftsman.

Although a draftsman does not necessarily design a building or structure, they must create physical drawings of the designs described by architects, engineers and inventors. These illustrations are then used in order to fabricate or implement the ideas. The draftsman may also create drawings using blueprints or engineering sketches. They can even use photos and other images to show how objects will be assembled.

The software allows a professional draftsman to save, print or update previously prepared drawings. This software allows the drafter save, update, and print previously drawn drawings. These types of draftsmen can be found in residential and commercial building.

Architectural Draftsman:

The architectural draftsman prepares construction plans that are used by the workers in construction to build houses and buildings. The architectural draftsman may be specialized in industrial, public, residential or commercial building. The architectural draftsman can also be specialized in one particular type of building such as concrete and masonry, rather than a specific form.

Civil Draftsman:

Civil draftsmen provide maps and drawings for sewage, bridges and highways.

Electrical Draftsman

Electricians installing electrical systems or fixing them can use the electrical draftsman to create diagrams of where wiring is located.

Mechanical Designer

The mechanical draftsman draws detailed drawings of the construction details for machinery, such as fasteners.

Aeronautical Designer

A draftsman who specializes in aeronautical design prepares specifications for such projects as airplanes or missiles.

Pipeline Draftsman:

A process pipeline draftsman is a person who prepares plans of chemical plants, piping systems and other piping.

Electronics Draftsman

The layouts are provided by an electronics draftsman who shows the wiring and circuit boards.

The market is flooded with draftsmen, but you should choose someone who has a deep understanding of drafting and design. The strength of any designer will be his quality. He should also have the knowledge to use all of the necessary soft-wares for designing and drafting.