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Different Event Catering Services

What is your first thought when you hear the term “catering?” Some people answer “Food”. It is important to note that catering does not only involve food. A catering service includes all details, including food. Food, decorations and preparation are all included in the catering service. Catering is responsible for every aspect of the event. Go here!

You have to do so much and prepare for a major event. Perhaps this is why social gatherings and occasional parties occur. There are some people that make social gatherings and parties commonplace to pamper their coworkers, friends, and acquaintances. The catering industry is in great demand because these types of people. Professional caterers will ensure that you have an enjoyable time during your party.

Catering service will be different from one event to another. Catering services come in many different types.

The hotel will serve guests on a separate plate. In the kitchen, the chefs prepare each plate. They then deliver it to their guests. The dishes are distributed in order around each table.

Table d’Hote: This catering service is synonymous with warmth and generosity. The mini-buffet consists of many different items that are placed on the tables for people to enjoy and distribute.

Russian Service- Every guest received an attractively presented tray of food. This unique service gives the impression of being at home, formal and not catered.

French Service This formal, highly-skilled presentation is seen in formal banquets. They serve directly off a tray, and another waiter follows to pour sauce over the meal.

Different types of services are available for buffets. A buffet may be designed in a variety of ways, from one long line of various tables covered with different foods to an individual style serving each course.

This standard cocktail party includes drinks, Hors d’ Oeuvres, and service for coats.

Open House Catering – This service caters to all guests at the same time, since they are likely to arrive and leave throughout the celebration.