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Homeschooling and being a firefighter can earn extra money

Amazing how difficult it has become to stay financially afloat in the modern world! Even trying to get by on a single income is difficult! Many of my firefighters have told me: “Man, it’s hard to see how you survive!” Yes, it’s hard. Many homeschool mothers are involved in finding extra income to help pay bills, and to enjoy an occasional night out. If you want to maximize your earning potential and explore new opportunities as a firefighter, then you need to check out the Passive income for firefighters

Our marriage is almost 20-years old and we both agreed, even before our children were born, that she was to stay at home with them. It seemed like a huge sacrifice. She earned just a little over $10,000 annually at that time. Of course, ten grand went further back then than today. We cut down on the things that were not essential to our daily lives. We were down to only one vehicle and didn’t get out and about as often. It was all worth it.

Firefighters work irregular hours, as you may already be aware. Firefighters must work around the clock to keep the public safe from emergency situations and fires. Many schedules permit 48 hours of rest after a shift lasting 24 hours. My guess is that more than 90% of people work during their free time. Construction workers, painters, computer technologists, loggers, and truckers are just some of the jobs we do in our department. Some of the guys in our department work at an ambulance during their downtime!

As well as committing that mom would stay home to educate the children, we made a similar commitment for homeschooling those kids. This means more sacrifices. Yet again, it is worth all the sacrifices! The decision to homeschool was made for many good reasons. These reasons are too numerous to cover in an article. You have little time between your job, the demands of school and home, as well as maintaining your household and spending time with family to spend extra cash.