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Please Help Me! I can’t close my eyelids after having surgery on the upper lids

This procedure, which is also called blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, can be very rewarding. Selecting a doctor who is specialized in cosmetic eyelid surgeries will ensure the best outcome. The small but possible chance of something going wrong is an important part of any surgery at https://www.eyelidsurgery-portland.com/.

A rare but serious problem. A temporary swelling of the eyelids is common after surgery. If you have this problem, it may be more difficult to close your closed eyes. After eyelid surgery if you are experiencing dry eyes, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice and use eye drops to reduce irritation. Because swelling is temporary and will go away, your eyelid should quickly return to normal.

In about six weeks you should no longer experience dry eye syndrome or swelling. However, it is possible that overly aggressive surgery could cause permanent damage and worsen your dry eyes symptoms. The problem can arise when too much of the skin on your upper eyelids or muscles is removed. Your eyes will not be able to close fully at night when they are not being thought about. As long you consult a doctor to address this concern, there is no need for worry. The ophthalmologist, or an eyelid plastic specialist who is board certified and has been trained specifically in the field of eyelid cosmetic surgery, should be consulted if this is your problem.

How do I know what treatment to choose?

It all depends on what your exact problem is, and how unique you are. The surgery may damage nerves, which are responsible for the muscle that you use to blink. If you remove skin or muscle during an eyelid procedure, it is possible that this will occur. If you don’t blink fast enough or strongly enough to close the pupil, it can cause this. If your lids cannot properly transport tears over your eye surface, you will have a dry and uncomfortable experience.

Your first option is to increase the number of drops you use. Your doctor might also prescribe ophthalmic oil. If you are experiencing dry eyes, your doctor may prescribe a plug that will temporarily close tear drains. The time comes to think about reconstructive surgery for the eyelids when other measures fail to provide comfort. Your surgeon may be keen to answer your questions. It is best to consult with your initial surgeon as much as possible. It is a good thing to have multiple opinions, especially if the surgeon you currently use does not meet your expectations.