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The Best Way to Replace an Old Home Window

Installation of a New Windows at Your House

Your old wooden windows may be drafty or not work properly, and they might show signs of water damage or decay. If this is the case, you should consider replacing them with new vinyl-clad Low E glass windows. You can see blinds stuart fl for more information.

Replace the existing wooden window glass if its foggy and you experience cold drafts in winter. Or if you must prop the window open to enjoy the warm summer.

Do It Yourself homeowners can take on the task of replacing an outdated window by using some carpentry basics and basic tools.

Buy the right New Windows

It is important to know the exact size of your new window before you install it. This is the main parameter to order a new windows. Window manufacturers specify this size of opening for installation. In general, the rough window opening is about 1 to 2 inches taller and wider than the final product.

If you want to know the dimensions of the window opening, it may be necessary for you to remove the interior trim.

Purchase a window whose rough opening dimensions are smaller or equal to your measurements.

How to Remove an Old Window

The old window must be taken out once you have bought your new one. Remove any exterior trim or nails that might be holding the window on the house using a hammer. The old window may have a nailing edge around its perimeter. Use your hammer or claw to pull out these nails.

When the nails have all been removed you can now pull out the window from the window opening.
New Window Installation

The new window can now be installed. Be sure to clear the rough window opening from any debris or old nails before installing the replacement window.

Position the new glass in the window opening, and then center it inside the frame.

A level and measuring tape will help you ensure the window’s squareness and alignment. Add some shims if you want to make sure the new window is squared and plumb.

When the window is square, plumb, and centered within the windowframe frame it in with some nails. A nailing flange is included with most windows, making it easier to attach the window.

To nail the window down, you should start at the upper right side of the frame and progress downwards with only a couple nails. Then, use the level once more to verify that your window is square and plumb. You should also check to see that the window inside is square and center.

The window should be squared and plumb. If it hasn’t, you can add a couple more nails. Another nail should be placed at the top. A second one can then be installed about halfway up the window.