What Plastic Surgery Really Is

Ancient history has an interesting and long-lasting relationship with plastic surgery Seattle Facial. Skin grafts were first used by doctors in ancient India to repair human skin patches in the 8th BC.

Susrutha is an Indian doctor who made the world’s first known nose. He took a piece of or a few pieces of skin from his forehead. In those days, amputation of the nose was punishable under old Indian laws.

After several millennia, Romans began to use simple procedures like fixing damaged ears. Dr Heinrich von Pfolspeundt in Europe performed a very simple procedure by taking skin off the arm back, and stitching it to place.

But the art and science of cosmetic surgery only advanced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The reason was that plastic surgery used to be a very dangerous practice in olden times.

John Peter Mettauer became the first American-born plastic surgeon in 1827. In 1827, his first operation involved a cleft palatal repair. He invented his own operating materials and tools.

Sir Harold Gillies, the father of plastic surgery as we know it today is a man who deserves to be called a pioneer. In his lifetime, Sir Gillies developed many modern techniques in plastic surgery. Sir Gillies focused his attention on the patients who sustained facial injuries in World War I.

Define plastic surgery

The term “plastic surgery” is used to refer to all manual or mechanical treatment and operation, whether performed for aesthetics or functionality.

The Greek term ‘plastikos’, meaning to shape or mould comes from the word plastic from plastic surgey.

As of today, there are only two primary fields or branches or principal areas or sub-fields or specialties in plastic surgery. This includes:

o Plastic surgery for reconstruction. This type of plastic surgery is aimed at masking or fixing external damage, such as to the face. The plastic surgery includes closing the defects with skin grafts using local, regional and distant flaps. Through this technique, tissues are transferred from different parts of the skin to a new part.

Aesthetic and cosmetic surgery are the two most popular forms of plastic surgeries today. Most of the time, cosmetic surgery is performed to correct or change features that are unflattering on the face and body. Some examples of such plastic surgery include breast reduction, breast implantation or a breast lift.

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